The Foundation was created for the purpose of installing a Bronco statue on the corner of Broadway Avenue in front of Albertsons Stadium.

The goal of the fund is to support the planning, construction and legacy costs associated with the installation of the Bronco statue.


The Broadway Bridge has played a key role in linking the City of Boise to the former South Boise township since its original completion in 1892.  The bridge has helped facilitate growth and is also a primary link between the City of Boise, Boise State University and the surrounding community. 

The Broncos on Broadway Foundation embraces this history with its mission of celebrating the community’s unique history and casting a mold of an aspect of its current success.  As a part of the Broncos on Broadway statue installation, plaques will be placed outlining key historical milestones of the City of Boise, South Boise township and Boise State University to create gathering points and remind people of the community’s past milestones.

Coordination efforts have been underway with ITD, the City of Boise and stakeholders since mid 2013 and will continue through anticipated completion in early 2017.  The sculpture has been modified several times to incorporate comments from the University and stakeholders, while still maintaining the Artist's original vision and University trademark.  Our goal to install a 20ft,  full-size Bronco sculpture is reliant on our continued community support and fundraising.

Few men have the opportunity to see their dreams realized in their lifetime, today I’m experiencing that dream.
— Bishop Middleton Barnwell, Founder Boise State University